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My Last day of vacation. c:

Today was quite amazing. My friend kept me up till 5 in the morning and got me to say something pretty surprising. Well my friend became my boyfriend. >_< Tomorrow I have school again. .-.

Today I went to pick up my schedule for the new semester and  all my classes are faaaaar. ._. I went to the mall with my cousins and some friends and that was a lot of fun. xD I was dared to pretend to be a stripper so. ._. We also played hide and seek in the mall haha. 

Afterwards like an hour after I got home my boyfriend came over and we had an extremely lazy and cute “first date.” I was laying on him. cx and we just laid down and watched tv and stuff.

More details left out but today was really amazing. cx

  1. sway-to-swaf said: Oh really :o I was there the whole time!
  2. the-nightmares-end-here said: CONGRATS!
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